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Welcome to Portfolio Properties. We are a full service real estate brokerage firm specializing in commercial & investment properties. Our mission is assisting our clients in “Building Wealth You Can Bank On”. Knowing when to buy, hold, sell or refinance is key knowledge for all real estate investors. Let us help you with your real estate portfolio and show you how to position yourself to retire with cash flow properties.

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Our motto is Building Wealth You Can Bank On. We believe this to be our core business service to our clients. Real Estate provides the best solution for Wealth Accumulation and that is our goal. We are actively pursuing good real estate investments for our clients. We establish the strategy for entering the asset (the real estate investment), and increasing its value during the holding period and we establish the exit strategy and profit taking.


Portfolio Property Management is a multi-disciplined real estate firm and is recognized as a national leader in third party fee management and investment services. Portfolio Property Management is headquartered in Bakersfield, California and currently manages a diverse portfolio of multifamily, retail, and office properties.


A mortgage brokerage division, specializing in mortgages on investment and commercial real estate.

Real Estate Cashflow Network

Investment Property Synergy

Real Estate Cashflow Network, INC is the parent company to all of the real estate divisions that you will find here.  It is made up of a team of highly experienced real estate professionals and specializes in equity funds, cash flow, tax shelters, and portfolio management.


“More in-the-bank fortunes are made in real estate
than in any other form of investing”

– Dr. Mary Sawyer


We believe in CASHFLOW. The simple concept of leveraging your investment properties to the point where your incoming cash flow outweighs your expenses. Leaving you to enjoy your life.

Our Approach

Secure Profitable Investment Properties

We pride ourselves on our ability to find quality investment properties and to report the important facts and figures to maximize your investment.

Set Up Your Property Management

With our management division, not only can we find your next investment property, but we can manage the ins-and-outs so you don't have to.

Build Your Investment Portfolio

Continue to add profitable investment properties until their collective cashflow allows you to quite the rat race and chase your dreams.


“You will never know true freedom until you achieve financial freedom.”

― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant


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With over 28 years of experience, Portfolio Properties will work to make your investment as valuable as it can be

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

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ACME Maintenance

ACME holds a California General Contractor’s license and performs maintenance services of all types on the properties we manage for our clients, as well as a contractor for hire.


Let Portfolio Properties assist you in financing and raising the necessary capital for your next big investment.

Tax Shelter

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Portfolio Equity Fund

Portfolio Equity Fund is a syndicator developing funds from investors to participate in group investing opportunities. Typically the properties are purchased and held for the production of income for a period of time.


Consultanting services to advise, create strategies and planning, testify as an expert witness in court proceedings, etc


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Court Appointed Receivership

Mary Sawyer, CCIM is a court appointed receiver who operates a property during a foreclosure by a lender, during a dissolution of partnership or bankruptcy


“If you are a true investor, it does not matter if the markets are going up or coming down. A true investor does well in any market condition.”

― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant


Meet The Team

Dr. Mary Sawyer CCIM
Owner & CEO

Kristina Gilbert
Vice President, Realtor

Daniel Holt
COO, Property Manager, Realtor

Diana Cummings
Property Manager, Realtor

Lorena Espinoza
Maintenance & Transaction Coordinator, Realtor

Michael Magana

Demetrius Cooper
Property Manager, Realtor

Jessica Mejia
Call Coordinator

Casey Sawyer
Digital Media Manager