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Portfolio Properties is looking for talented and driven real-estate agents focusing in commercial, residential, or industrial real-estate. Our team is committed to work together to provide the resources and support needed to succeed.

Why Work For Portfolio Properties

Family Oriented

We promote family oriented employment benefits, are family owned, and treat our coworkers like family


We constantly strive to provide a strong sense of purpose and a clear mission

Friendly Staff

Our staff is more than friendly, they're family

Friendly Staff

When you like the people you work with, work feels less like work

Fun Company Culture

We also give dedication to non-work activities so that our staff can decompress and refresh their creativity

Community Focused

We provide a much needed services to the community

Strong Teamwork

When you can rely on the people you work with, work becomes less difficult

Valuable Experience

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we can help give you the insights to advance your career

Caring Work Ethic

We go above and beyond to help and house people

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