Investor Services


With over 28 years of experience, Portfolio Properties will work to make your investment as valuable as it can be

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Selling a property? Let us help you avoid capital gains tax by reinvesting through a 1031 exchange.

ACME Maintenance

ACME holds a California General Contractor’s license and performs maintenance services of all types on the properties we manage for our clients, as well as a contractor for hire.


APOD stands for Annual Property Operating Data and is a breakdown of the property's annual financial performance.


Let Portfolio Properties assist you in financing and raising the necessary capital for your next big investment.

Tax Shelter

Portfolio Properties can assist you with developing a tax strategy to lower what you owe on your investments.

Portfolio Equity Fund

Portfolio Equity Fund is a syndicator developing funds from investors to participate in group investing opportunities. Typically the properties are purchased and held for the production of income for a period of time.

The Deal Room

The Deal Room is a private, custom-designed web page filled with investment properties, offering memorandums, and research documents that we gather specifically for you.


Consultanting services to advise, create strategies and planning, testify as an expert witness in court proceedings, etc


Developing your investment Cashflow is the key to financial success.

Court Appointed Receivership

Mary Sawyer, CCIM is a court appointed receiver who operates a property during a foreclosure by a lender, during a dissolution of partnership or bankruptcy.

Marketing Materials

Our designers are ready to create all types of multi-media assets to help you entice buyers and sell your property.


Millionaires Made Here


Annual Property Operating Data (APOD)

APODs are the cornerstone of smart real-estate investing. These detailed and customized reports contain information on a property’s annual financial performance for the first year and allow you to predict your expected cash flow.  Initial investment, financing, income, and operating expenses are all gathered and calculated to demonstrate a properties true investment potential, giving you the insight needed to choose the right deal for you.

Portfolio Properties provides these custom APODs with each property that we recommend to our investors.


Financial Dreams Realized


The Deal Room

The Deal Room is your personal portal to a selection of custom-picked investment properties and research documents tailored specifically to your investment goals. After assessing your financial capabilities and ambitions, a private and custom-designed deal room is created to present our recommendations, offering memorandums, APODs (Annual Property Operating Data), and other research documents.

The Deal Room is also designed around your life-goals to establish a clear vision of your desired financial future and to motivate you to make your financial dreams come true.

Custom-picked investment properties

Offering memorandums

APOD reports and research documents

Private access and file storage

Inspiring visuals and motivation


Your Goals Visualized


Sales & Marketing Materials

In addition to helping you visualize and achieve your financial dreams, Portfolio Properties can also help you share these visions with others. Our team of creative designers will prepare the marketing materials necessary to capture the attention of potential buyers. An online listing with basic sales information can only say so much; so we choose to enrich our buyer’s experience with multi-media.

From custom websites and pitch decks to render drawings and aerial drone footage, we have the capabilities to bring your property’s story to life.