Why Portfolio Properties?
17 Mar

Why Portfolio Properties?

Our Motto is Building Wealth You Can Bank On.  We believe this to be our core business service to our clients.

Real Estate provides the best solution for Wealth Accumulation and that is our goal.

We are actively pursuing good real estate investments for our clients.  We establish the strategy for entering the asset (the real estate investment),  and increasing its value during the holding period and we establish the exit strategy and profit taking.

When we meet a client we do a Portfolio Analysis of their real estate holdings so we can advise them on the efficiency of each property in the portfolio and on the whole.  Then we make recommendations as to which property to sell, hold or refinance.  We do an APOD, Annual Property Operating Data analysis on the property and suggest a listing price.  We list the property for sale and receive a commission at the close of escrow.

Next we advise the client on a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, and we stay with the client from start to finish, even after the close of escrow we are there making sure every detail is taken care of.

We do a Research Project individually tailored for each investor to find, analyze and rank the replacement property.  We write the contract and represent the investor in any state in the country.

We are experts in financing and through our mortgage brokers at Portfolio Funding we negotiate the best terms and rate for our borrowers with lenders who will actually fund the loan! 

We manage the property for the investor.  Portfolio Property Management gets involved from the first day the purchase agreement is signed.  We perform the due diligence on the property, no matter where it is located.  If we won’t manage the property, our client should not be buying it.  There are tough lessons to learn and we have climbed the learning curve for you.  Our motto for this company is “What Can We Do So You Don’t Have To?”

Our Broker, Mary Sawyer, CCIM, serves as the Leader of our Asset Management Department, which is different from property management.  An Asset Manager is the strategist for the asset and makes decisions about the plan for the property: raising rents; reducing expenses; refinancing; establishing lines of credit on the property; evaluating insurance coverage and premiums and establishes the exit strategy and the taking of profits.  The Asset Manager is a Change Agent.  Real estate markets are constantly changing and so should your assets in your portfolio of properties.

We believe if we teach our clients the words and theories behind real estate investing we will be able to communicate with them clearly and they will be able to follow our directions when it is time to take action because they trust us and they know what we know.  Therefore we are teachers.  We give The Teaching in everything we do.  We teach continuing education classes for Realtors called Cashflow Analysis of Commercial Real Estate.  For investors, seminars such as Empowering Investors To Succeed. We hold workshops and sponsor learning opportunities through our client community with a simple, safe learning experience developed by Robert Kiyosaki as a board game Cashflow 101 Game.  This game is held as an event for learning and teaches us how to develop a strategy to get out of the Rat Race and Retire to our Dreams.

We offer a free market analysis of your asset.

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